The Widest letter

Engaging your supporters through stories of people and impact.



Feature Stories

Editorial Communications

Everyone has a story to share. Let’s celebrate your organization’s heroes through profiles, Q&As, and roundtable discussions. I’ll find the best format for your audience and make sure it fits with your strategic goals.

Donor Proposals

Development Communications

Having supporters feel acknowledged and valued is important to the future of your organization. I can write, gather data, create a lightly designed template to produce facts sheets, stewardship reports, annual reports, and fundraising proposals.

Project Management

Communications Consultant

For organizations with great ideas but not enough time, let me take on a larger role and execute your vision. I’ll write the stories, gather visuals, and draft social media posts for your magazine or newsletter. As a former managing editor of print and electronic magazines, I am tapped into a network of talented graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers. 

Social Media

Digital Communications

Raise the profile of your organization by having a robust and consistent social media presence. Together, we’ll identify an appropriate social media voice. Then I’ll draft posts that will get you the clicks you need to achieve your goals. I can also oversee paid or organic mini-campaigns for fundraising appeals or application deadlines using hashtags, UTM codes, and analytics.

About Marisa

I provide my clients with more than 15 years of experience writing for diverse audiences and media channels. I have drafted multimillion-dollar gift announcements where buy-in from several stakeholders was needed, covered wildfires for a newspaper on deadline, and translated basic science to a general audience in a way that satisfies both the researcher and the reader.

I am just a naturally curious person who has a knack for making people feel relaxed during interviews and enjoys fact checking, which is why I know that M is typically the widest letter in the alphabet. Thank you, Google!

I learned in journalism school that everyone has a story to tell and I would love to tell your organization’s story.

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